Monday, October 6, 2008

weekend update

well, i'm a little late getting to daisy's lunch report today. i blame work.

but it was a busy weekend for our daisy.

after an uncomfortable request for a dinner date from ITGuy, Daisy was looking forward to a lovely evening out with Sam Malone. she and sam had a little trouble getting together this summer and fall, because every weekend seems to be someone else's wedding. and they aren't at the wedding date stage. which was part of daisy's mission for the weekend: get invited to sam's sister's wedding.

yeah. i agree: very ambitious.

but our daisy is very savvy.

so, big date saturday night: drinks, then dinner, then more drinks. here's the important part, she got the invite to the wedding and she didn't even have to fish for it. whats more, he was obviously way nervous about asking, because they talked about the wedding for 45 minutes over drinks, let it be, and then he resorted to the obviously pre-rehearsed question during dinner.

poor sam. little did he know daisy was waiting for that very thing.

we'll refrain from discussing how wasted daisy got over the course of the evening. i don't think she embarrassed herself too much.

so now daisy has another wedding this weekend. and a very different date for that one. let's hope she doesn't mix them up...

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